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NES cart labels and kits

Raspberry Pi Zero NES cartridge labels and cart kits are now available.  Fully assembled Pi Cart Zeros are coming soon!

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NES Cart Kits include HDMI cable, USB hub and matching port bezel.  (Raspberry Pi not included).

Shut up and take my money!




6 thoughts on “NES cart labels and kits

  1. Will the usb hub power the pi zero while also using the controllers on the remaining three usb ports? It looks like this has one micro usb for power and three standard usb for controllers, but i thought power was provided to the pi zero from the remaining micro usb port on the pi zero. Both power and data can come from one?

    1. Yes, that’s correct. Power can be back-fed through the “data” port on the Pi Zero if the USB hub supports it.

  2. Followed you here from Reddit and was wondering if I could just buy some of the 3d printed bezels from you?

  3. Any idea when the kits will be back in stock?

    1. We actually aren’t planning on restocking them unfortunately. Purchase these two items and a bezel to make the kit:

      USB Hub

      HDMI adapter cable or from Amazon (more expensive)

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