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Easy Shutdown Script Now Working with lastest RetroPie / Raspian Stretch release

An update to the RPIO library that’s available in recent linux distro releases, including the latest release of RetroPie, broke the easy button shutdown script.  I have updated the script so it should be working in general.

8 thoughts on “Easy Shutdown Script Now Working with lastest RetroPie / Raspian Stretch release

  1. So, here’s my problem. It gets up to the RetroPie splash screen, then shuts down. I tested the power and on the pin 5, it measures 0.0v until I press the reset button, then it goes up to 3.3v. I’m assuming that’s what it’s supposed to do.

    But, after I run the script, it shuts down the pi, and nothing else happens. I took the pi out of the case, and it does the exact same thing. I tried holding the reset button down while it was booting, but it does the same thing also. I even tried removing the wire to pin 5, no dice there either.

  2. Just installed the script with no issues, it shut down properly… but after a reboot, the button no longer functions, until I run the installer script again.

    1. Same here. Doesn’t work anymore after a reboot.

    2. Same problem here running Retropie 4.4, Button will Start system, but will not shutdown unless scripts are setup again.

  3. im having issues with the script running after reboot. any ideas.

  4. My solution to the problem:

    curl -# “” > /home/pi/scripts/pi_shutdown

    edit and add /etc/rc.local before exit 0

    python /home/pi/scripts/ &

    I do not understand why it fails, the truth that for years I have not used debian and derivatives … if something changed in init.d. Use exclusively Archlinux. It works that is what counts. A greeting from Spain to forgive my English.

    1. To follow up with Nicolas, his solution worked for me.
      For those with less Linux experience:

      1. Open a command prompt (F4)
      2. Type: sudo nano /etc/rc.local
      3. Move the cursor to a blank line just before ‘exit 0’
      4. Type: python /home/pi/scripts/
      5. Save by pressing CTRL+O, then press Enter to save
      6. Close the file by pressing CTRL+X to close

      Test by powering off with the button, then powering on with the button.

  5. Very good post. I am facing a few of these issues as well..

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