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New 8bitjunkie Amazon Store

Check out the new 8bitjunkie Amazon store

For the most part*, all of the items in the store are things I have personally purchased and use for my retro gaming hobby. You can see many of these tools in use on the 8bitjunkie YouTube channel which is mainly focused on console repair how-tos.

*I have not tried the cheap soldering iron in the store but I selected the cheapest one that had OK reviews. If you know of a really good, cheap soldering iron on Amazon please let me know which one.

If you purchase items through the store, I will receive a small commission from Amazon (no cost to you) which will help support this site and the creation of new content.

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No more bezels

We will no longer be selling bezels.  However, the STL model to 3D print the 8bitjunkie bezel will be made available for download soon.  If we find a 3d print company to continue selling them for people that don’t have access to a 3d printer, we’ll link out to them.

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I’m Back!

The store is turned back on.  Please note that while everything is “in stock”, the bezels are for the most part printed to order, so it may be 5-7 days before your order ships (but often is quicker than that).